LAPIS Conference 2020


Melanie Warren

The Devil in Lancashire's Folklore

Melanie Warren’s book ‘Lancashire Folk’ is a gazetteer of all things weird in the Red Rose county, from boggarts and ghosts to standing stones and green men. In particular, Lancashire is rich in tales about the Devil, who builds roads in a single night, answers schoolboys’ requests to appear to them and joins in card games with those fool enough to play such games on a Sunday. But, as some of these stories show, he is not as clever as he thinks – more than one tale describes how someone has managed to strike a bargain and ‘trick the Devil’! It is particularly interesting that the same story is often linked to several different locations – clear evidence of the effectiveness of the oral tradition. As Melanie discusses these folk-tales, she hopes to illustrate why they are as engaging today as they ever were.

Richard Freeman

The Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death worm is a creature said to exist in the Gobi Desert. In 2005 Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman was part of an expediton to search for evidence of its’ existence. In his talk Richard will be discussing his findings and the latest evidence of this amazing creature. Richard is the zoological director of the Centre for Fortean zoology, the author of a number of books and has spoken at many Fortean events.

Rob Whitehead

Schoolyard UFO Sightings

Rob Whitehead had his first UFO sighting when he was a child. He remembers his sighting not being taken seriously by adults and has often wondered how many other kids with similar experiences have had their testimony dismissed, purely because they were children. Listen as Rob reveals details of some extraordinary childhood UFO encounters from around the world that few people have heard of, and others that are considered to be among the most intriguing and baffling on record.'

Jackie Tonks and Richard Freeman

Gef the Talking Mongoose

During the 1930s a strange creature was said to exist in a remote farmhouse on the Isle of Man. It could speak, catch and kill rabbits and travel around the island. It asked to be called Gef (Jeff) and claimed to be a “extra, extra clever mongoose”, but was was it really? A hoax, a poltergeist, a symptom of mental illness or a cryptid ? Jackie and Richard will be looking at the case from differing perspectives and will try to untangle the mystery of Gef.

Dave Hodrien

The Best Of BUFOG: Stunning UFO & Contact Experiences

Dave Hodrien is the Chairman and lead investigator for Birmingham UFO Group, BUFOG. His talk will cover some of the most stunning and interesting cases which have been reported to BUFOG over the years. Since becoming an investigator, Dave’s views on the phenomenon have only been strengthened, and he looks forward to sharing with you the reasons why. You will both see and hear astounding evidence that supports the UFO reality – evidence that includes multiple witness sightings, close encounters with landed craft and their occupants, repeated contact experiences, photographed body markings and implants, and video footage that may actually show an abduction taking place!

Steve Jones

Tales from the Haunted Bathrooms

Toilets and bathrooms are among the most haunted places in buildings. Steve will tell tales of the dead man in the gents, the phantom groper of Wakefield, his strange experience in Newark and others tales that may make you in need of a bathroom yourself!


Steve founded and runs the Wakefield Pagan Moot, organises the West Yorkshire Pagan Meetup, is the West Yorkshire representative for the CFZ and from 1998 to 2019 was the UKs only openly pagan magistrate. Steve’s interests include folklore, forteana, paganism and the paranormal. He has appeared on local and national TV and spoken at several fortean events.

Dr Ann Winsper
The Ghosts of Chester

The city of Chester was originally founded in the 1st century AD as a Roman fortress. It is world renowned for its roman ruins (including the largest amphitheatre in Britain) and its unique two level shops, the Rows. Given the centuries of fascinating history to be found there, it is not surprising that it also has a ghostly reputation. Ann is co-founder of Para.Science, and has been investigating ghostly sightings for a considerable number of years, in addition to having a doctorate investigating Electronic Voice Phenomena. She is also from Chester, and in this talk she will describe some of the ghosts that have been reported over the years, as well as a small sprinkle of Chester history.

Simon Entwistle

Lancashire's Witches and  Ghostly tales .

Simon Entwistle runs his own tourism company tophattours. Covering a range of tours by coach and by foot .These tours consist of heritage tours in Local halls such as Samlesbury and townley halls .He also runs ghost walks in 12 towns and cities .He has  had a  huge response from his pendle witch tours and has featured on national tv and radio winning Visit England awards and also Lancashire tourism superstar competition twice .in the past five years .Simon is a story teller that can take you to another place .his website is 

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