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Previous Conference Speakers

This is the place to find out more about the speakers you will be listening to at our conference.  From books, websites and areas of interest and research it will be on here so keep visiting this page.

Jenny Randles

Jenny Randles was born in the Pennine hills on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border – a region that has for decades had the highest percentage of alien abduction and UFO encounters in the UK. This was a factor in her growing interest in the subject as a child.


In 1979 she published her first book – UFOs: A British Viewpoint, co-authored with Manchester astronomer Peter Warrington.

Over a million copies of Jenny’s books have been sold with editions in more than 20 countries. While many have been about UFOs Jenny has published books investigating ESP, precognition, time slips, spontaneous human combustion, the paranormal experiences of the cast gathered from soap sets around the world – from Coronation Street to Dallas - and The Afterlife - a best seller on life after death (with horror novelist and long term co-writer Peter Hough).


Jenny coined the term ‘Oz Factor’ to describe the physiological and psychological experiences that distort time and space during close proximity to a UFO and in her book ‘Time Storms’ proposed a type of UAP (unidentified atmospheric phenomenon) of that seems to trigger such effects and has been consistently reported around the world.

Her last book – before pausing writing, touring and lecturing for 14 years to become a full time carer - was in 2004 (Beyond the Time Barrier) and described the race by scientists to construct the first time machine.


More recent contributions have been restricted to articles for an encyclopedia and a monthly column for Fortean Times magazine. But she has started writing again in 2017 working with Alan Godfrey, a police officer who was abducted from his patrol car in 1980 to help him publish the untold story of his case.

She also launched and revived for free on there the UFO magazine that she edited between 1975 and 2001 – Northern UFO News. A new issue has been appearing here monthly continuing from where the last one left off 16 years earlier.


Jenny has been a member of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) since 1970 and ran the investigation team between 1981 and 1994. This will be her first appearance at a conference to lecture since a tour of the Isle of Man in November 2003.

Jenny has spoken at previous LAPIS conferences and we are delighted that she is able to be part of this event.

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