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Doarlish Cashen overlay 3_edited.jpg

Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society

The Dalby Spook

aka Gef the Talking Mongoose

In 2019 a disparate group of paranormal investigators from around the UK planned a trip to the Isle of Man to search for Gef the Talking Mongoose.  World events intervened and the trip had to be postponed until 2022. The group found themselves in a remote farmhouse on the western shores of the island. After a chance contact with a Manx Radio presenter a plea was put forth on the airwaves for recent news of Gef.

Oddly the saga of Gef and his adopted family, the Irvings, seems to have faded from the conscious memory of people on the island, or perhaps they just don't want to share the secrets of Doarlish Cashen with a bunch of weirdoes from over the water...

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