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There are a vast number of websites and publiations dealing with the paranormal. Here are a selection - in no particular order - that, in our opinion, are worth consulting. Some you will notice are not directly related to the paranormal but are nonetheless relevant 

Yorkshire UFO Society - Investigating and Researching the UFO Phenomenon




ASSAP -Registered charity with information and study groups on a range of phenomena.



Heavens Above - Real-time satellite, ISS, and Space Shuttle orbital pass information, maps, and star charts.


Phenomena Magazine - A FREE monthly E-Mag. The most recognised of its kind. Grab your copy today!

CFZ - The Centre for Fortean Zoology is an organisation dedicated to cryptozoology, and allied disciplines.

Fortean Times. A monthly magazine devoted to anomalous phenomena. 


Oz Factor Books - this is a new website from UFO researcher Jenny Randles.

Alan Godfrey, who had a UFO encounter while on duty as a police officer now has his own website. Check it out at

You can also buy his excellent book "Who or What Were They" via the site.

Northern UFO News

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