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Haunted House

This is the first of three accounts of unexplained happenings which were experienced by LAPIS regular John E. We set great store by primary source evidence when dealing with any reports and here John gives his own account.


This happened to my family in the year 2001 until we moved out in 2002.

I bought the house in 1997 did many home repairs and improvements before I met my now ex-wife and we lived there together. In 1998 she and her two daughters moved in with me, the two daughters I see as my own, we got married and had a son. I was working all the hours I could to provide for the family and wasn't around the house too much with all the overtime I was doing.

The first odd thing we noticed was that the electronic toys on my sons cot kept going off with no interaction, my first thought was that it was RF emissions from a radio source but using my scanner and amateur radio equipment I could not find anything close to our home that coincided with his toys going off.

The girls had said to their mum that they were seeing people on the landing and going through the closed doors, this understandably had them scared. One night while we were sat up in bed reading that my wife told to me about this and that the girls been upset by what they had seen. Me being the typical male said “Well I haven't seen anything so if there is anything here switch on the bedside lamp”. Well, sure as hell it came on and lit up really bright. Those who remember the big heavy early energy saving light bulbs, that's what was in the lamp it takes time before it gets bright but not in this case it went bright straight away; it was at this point my wife held up the plug and waved it in the air with the light still lit and said “ Well that was a bright and stupid do you believe me ?” as I said yes the light went out..…

Another thing was there was a common prayer book left by the previous owner with an inscription in the front . We tried several times to throw it out including putting it in the wheelie bin and seeing it go into the bin wagon but within a few days it was back in the house in a drawer or somewhere in the same room, crazy or what.

We got a Catholic priest in to bless the house and the activity calmed down for a few days but then it came back worse than ever. I had a 30+ signal of interference on my CB radio until my wheels left the driveway then it dropped to the usual signal 3 and that just doesn't happen.

My ex father in law used to do astral projection and said he would try and see what was going on, bear in mind that he is a double amputee and had never been upstairs at this house. He phoned me at work and told me to get the family out of there as soon as I could. He told me some stuff but the main thing he said was that in the bathroom there is a cupboard and under the third shelf there is a travel pass. I told him that's impossible as I had built the cupboard from scratch.

I went home from work during my break and told the wife I had forgotten something when really all I wanted to do was to check the information out and as sure as hell there it was exactly where he said it would be. A travel pass I the name of Alan Nicholson. I didn't know the name so I went a few doors down to see if one of the longest residents of the street knew who he was. She told me he was the son of the previous owner but he got killed or died in town as he was crossing the road he had a heart attack but also got hit with a taxi or bus so died there.

I told my wife everything and the house was put up for sale. On one particular night she went upstairs to the bedroom directly above the front room , to read in bed with our son in his cot while I sat in the room below watching TV .Now for the scary part; I am not the type to be frightened easily but this had me close to it, from the ceiling above down came a thick black shape that went into the next room then upstairs into the girls bedroom, at this point I met my wife holding our son on the landing we checked other rooms but found nothing. The shape came from the roof space then down through our sons cot then I saw it. This held true to what my father in law found during his astral projection that something unclean/demonic was residing in the attic loft space. He even described how I had turned it into a makeshift room for my retro computers,yet bear in mind that he was a double amputee and we had told nobody about this space being re purposed.

We sold the house for the first offer that we got and moved to our home town with no further activity.

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