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Tarot Reading

Last week I had a tarot card reading. It was the first time I’d done such a thing and it stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend while on holiday. She and a few others were booked in for a reading and I ended up saying I would go along.

I started from a position as an unbeliever in such things but as always I was prepared to be proved wrong. If I was told something that convinced me something interesting was going on, or even hinted that it might be that would be - well – interesting.

We met up on wet Saturday in a town about an hour and half from home and as there were a few of us we set up camp in a nice café opposite the shop where the readings were to be done. A cream scone and a latte later and it was my turn.

I’d really no idea how a Tarot reading worked but had asked one of my new friends about it so I some idea what to expect. The lady doing the reading was maybe in her mid to late 60s and she seemed very nice. She was impressed that I switched my phone onto silent without being asked but told me that “spirits” could interact with phones at times! (Now I had a genuinely odd experience with a mobile phone, or what sounded like one, a few weeks ago but that’s another story)

She handed me a notebook and off we went with me making notes throughout. I was asked to select cards and she then told me what they meant - or the “spirits” she was in contact with told her and she passed it on. She told me a lot and it was all nice, I got the celebration card twice from different packs of cards and she told me that meant – a celebration. Which I guess it would really. She didn’t get anything right though. Nothing at all. She kept asking me if what she had said meant anything to me and I kept telling her it didn’t. I actually started to feel a bit bad for her as I really felt she was trying to come up with something relevant for me, it was supposed to be a half hour and she went on for much longer.

At the end I told her she’d given me a lot to think about which was kind of true but not in the way she thought I suppose. I couldn’t attach any significance to anything she told me but if I’d gone in there really wanting and expecting to hear something from a deceased relative or friend would it have been different?

I’m glad I did it for the experience anyway and I was reassured that nothing bad or particularly profound was said, so if I had gone in as a believer I don’t think I would have heard anything upsetting.

I'm sure others will have different views though, feedback is very welcome.

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