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Fleetwood UFO

This happened in Fleetwood on a Wednesday night in September 2017. I was picking my teenage son up from his mums and we went to my house via Ullswater Avenue heading towards Broadway, for those who know the area.

We spotted something strange with the sky, it seemed that there was an outlined area of the sky. I pulled over and we got out of the car for a better look and analysis of the object. Our observation was that it was of triangular shape although clear to blend in with it's surroundings a bit like the way a chameleon uses camouflage.

We tried to get a photo and my son being more tech savvy than me I gave him my camera phone to try as he could not fit it on his phone. However neither of the phones could fit the object in as it was too big to be captured. The object was pointing towards Rossall school yet the wind was from Rossall to Beech road yet it was stationary with no sound. We were about 750 - 1000 yards across the ground from it and it would have been directly above us if we moved to this position. I judged it to be about as high as seven bungalows.

I was originally talking on my phone to a friend who was waiting for me about a mile away. I asked him to look in our general direction and tell me if he could see anything in the sky but didn’t give him any other information. H e said he could see two red lights with a ghostly boxed shape outline around them, so we had an extra visual perceptive from a different angle confirming our observations.

The craft moved off in an elevated angle towards Cardinal Allen high school which was against the wind direction still with no sound yet the visual camouflage effect still remained intact and changed as fast as it moved.

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