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Multicoloured UFO

Here is an account of a UFO investigation undertaken by LAPIS.

There was a UFO reported in Blackburn on Sunday 8th September. At 01:45hours on Sunday morning, 'Attiq' reported "I was sleeping peacefully and woke up to a sound of a helicopter. I was thinking that it will pass so the noise will go away as well, but the noise persisted, so I went to the window and checked, and it wasn’t a helicopter. It was something like a drone, but it was very noisy that it couldn’t be a drone. It had an orange flashing light, a white static light and a green and red light that changed when that thing was changing direction. The strange thing about it was that the thing kept moving in the same path for about 40 mins and then suddenly it disappeared. I took some photos but they weren’t clear. I tried to shoot a video as well but it’s not really clear, but the sound can be heard and a moving object can be seen."

Subsequent investigations by LAPIS discovered that the NPAS (National Police Air Service) helicopter had indeed been in the area at that time, having been tasked to Preston at 01:35 hours. The Lancashire Telegraph reported a serious RTC (Road Traffic Collision) at 01:45 in Blackburn. One commenter on the story confirmed the attendance of the helicopter.

Attempts have been made to contact the witness that reported the event, to no avail, so at this time it does appear to be a case of misidentification of the Police Helicopter.

Most UFO reports are misidentifications of conventional craft and solving a case like this is what we aim to do at LAPIS, so if you see something please tell us about it. If we can solve it we’ll consider it a success and if not, it will stay in our records, be shared with other groups and become one of the around 5% of UFO reports that cannot be solved.

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