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Saved By A Ghost

Here is another first hand account of unexplained events told by John E.


The year was 1995 and this incident happened at a house in Fleetwood where I lived.

It was a scorching hot summer and as per usual I ran a bath, you know the thing, set taps running then when it's full jump in. Well this was about to happen until I felt a hand on my shoulder which stopped me from getting into the bath. I turned around and no one was there....ERM yeah, well I ran downstairs to tell my girlfriend what happened and made a brew before I went back up there. Just as well as when I went up I expected the bath to be cold but no, it was still far too hot so I said thank you to the ghost, spirit etc. I went back down to check the thermostat and we must have caught it when putting the clothes away in the cupboard as the thermostat was on maximum instead of the usual setting. If the ghost hadn't stopped me I would have been burnt.

Well it doesn't end there though, my girlfriend’s son was about 4 years old and would sit up in bed talking to and having a conversation with someone called Jack. We knew the family related to the man who used to live there so I mentioned it to them and they said to ask Jack how many boats did he skipper, so we asked the young lad to do this.

The following day he came down and asked what Jack meant as he said he skippered two but served in three. I said I didn't know but would find out. I went to the family and asked what it meant and the guy told me he that his dad Jack had served on two trawlers but one changed it's name part way through his serving on it.

He said my dad will talk a glass eye to sleep, just talk to him and say what time you want him to go to sleep at and he will pack up. So we went into the room at my house that was his and felt like idiots but said that he had to pack up at 8pm as it was affecting the young lad’s school life. We told him we would send him up a bit earlier to talk and at weekends on a Friday and Saturday he could talk as long as he liked. This worked and we never had a problem or any trouble and we felt like he was watching over us.

We left the house due to other reasons and nothing to do with the ghost. Funny thing is the young lad does not remember anything about it

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